Mobile Arts Program

In 2010, we launched the Mobile Arts Program (MAP). This program offers needed programming to underserved youth and elder populations in Hyde Park as identified by the South West Boston CDC’s 2009 Community Needs Assessment. We offer quality art classes on locations so that income level, transportation and physical ability will not obstruct access to the arts.

Georgetowne: The summer of 2010 we began providing art classes to the children of the Georgetowne neighborhood with funding through the BOSTON ROCKS grant. Twenty to thirty children receive art instruction twice weekly throughout the summer.

Blake Estates: Art for seniors in a senior setting, teachers travel to Blake Estates twice weekly to bring arts and crafts to senior residents. These popular classes have been showcased in art venues Art Scene and The Paint Me A Picture exhibit at the Boston Public Library. Many of the seniors have been surprised at how well-received their artwork is and some have even sold some of their work!

Other Partnerships

Save Our Streets (SOS) — Our goal is to guide and support those within our community in following their dreams, and by doing so, promote the positive development of the Boston community as a whole. We want to create a dynamic network of organizations within the city to promote the many development programs currently offered, to those who could use them most. SOS’s goal is to motivate our community to take advantage of all the great opportunities available to city residents.

We feel that a major contributor to crime in our city is the lack of alternative activities. If we could create diversions for those in our community to help focus their attentions toward something positive and constructive, we would notice significant changes. For example, if a dancer has an upcoming performance, he/she will be focused on practicing to perfect their talents.

Phone: 857-719-9467