This section contains a list of the Hyde Park Art Association “Artist” level Members. You can click on their name to see samples of their work. Much of this work is for sale. If you are interested in purchasing their work, please contact us at 617-364-ARTS (2787).

Susan Allen

Sharon Armour

Beatrice Baga

Mary Bellew

Maria Chase

Rosemarie Clinton

Francesca D’Elia

Erik Gehring

Lisa Goren

Mary Harrington

Antoinette Harrell

Larry Johnson

Carol Johnson

Brenda Jones

Geneva Kingwood

Madeline Lafarge

Rob Larsen

Sasja Lucas

Mary Magee Johnson

David McDonnell, Jr.

David McDonnell, Sr.

Rosemarie Michmerhuizen

Patricia Odom

Laura Richardson

Judith Robichaud

Chris Roberts

Susie Robson

Christopher Roddick

Adele Rothman

Tamara Safford

Margo Volterra

Maureen Spinale

Al Wallstrom