Become a Volunteer–We Want You on our Team

The Hyde Park Art Association now has a permanent home on the second floor of the George Robert White building. This means there is a place for classes, art shows, public demonstrations, and a place for the public to experience the joy of the visual and performing arts. We are thrilled and excited by the possibilities for the future. All we need is you. Your life has provided you with a myriad of skills that make you irreplaceable to us.

There is much to do to provide programming, classes, and events that will make Hyde Park a great place to come to and you are the key.

Do you have a gift for parties and fundraisers? Do you have office skills? Did you ever write a grant? We want you. Are you interested in writing articles for PR? Are you available to answer the phone? We want you.

Are you not sure what you can do but still want to help? We want you, too.

You can design your own job. Just tell us what you are interested in and how much time you have to give. That’s it. We will find an appropriate place for you on our team. No job is too small, anything you do will bring us one step closer.

Our association is a non-profit group comprised of artists from all over Massachusetts. Our mission is to bring art to the public. We are dedicated to all inclusiveness because we believe in the power of art to be a uniting force in our world.

Come step into the joyful world of art and be part of the group that did something wonderful because it is a good thing for us all.

Contact us:

Hyde Park Art Association
26 Central Ave.
Hyde Park, MA 02136
617-364-2787 (ARTS)